BSS Engineering.

BSS Engineering

Civil and construction

  • Civil Construction
  • Electrical Installation
  • Grounding System Installation and Testing
  • Tower Erection (Guyed and Self-supporting)
  • Shelter and Equipment Room Installation                                  BSS
  • Antenna & Cable Installation and Testing
  • Civil and Tower Inspections
  • Site Acquisition
  • Design Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Permit & Utilities Coordination
  • RF Component Inspections
  • New Site Audits
  • Structural designs and analysis
  • Supply and install tower foundation including excavation, rebar, framework, backfilling and
  • Composition as per design
  • Tower erection including painting and antenna mountain poles
  • Erection of canopy and plinths
  • Fabrication & installation of antennae poles
  • Installation of cable tray
  • Civil Construction (underground, foundations, site work, fence, etc

BSS Equipment Installation

  • Installation of relevant BSS equipment, like BSC/
  • RNC & BTS/Node B (Indoor & Outdoor) as per installation documentsBSS1
  • Installation of rectifiers, battery banks and power supply units
  • Receiving, Unpacking and delivery of equipment on to site floor
  • Feeders Jumpers connection as per standard
  • Clamping and earthling fixing etc. as per standard
  • Equipment shelter installation
  • Grounding System installation
  • Software configuration