Vision, Mission and Values.


—”Understanding you better – serving you best

Mission Statement

MERIT Systems mission is to create innovative next-generation total solution, which not only meets our customers’ immediate requirements, but has the flexibility to be further enhanced to encompass future changes in technology and market trends.

To accomplish this mission, we strive to be the premier provider of groundbreaking ATM engineering, system integration and technical services in our business areas.


To accomplish our mission, we depend on a set of core company values central to our approach in  business:

—Exceed customers’ expectations

Honoring the customer as our most important asset is our priority.

—Creatively solve problems

Merit empowers its people to think creatively, enabling a diverse workforce that generates innovative decision-making for a broad spectrum of customers and partners.

—Knowledge and experience

By relying on our vast experience and seasoned industry technicians, MERIT can solve a range of ATM challenges to meet the needs of our customers.

—Maximizing opportunities

Share knowledge, expertise and relationships to open new doors of opportunity and to facilitate interaction among the customers.

—Be accountable

Take responsibility, make things happen, admit to mistakes, and commit to learning and growth.

—At MERIT, we’re committed to our mission of helping our customers` development to new heights, deliver valuable new services, and achieve goals they never thought possible.