Smart Grid Inverter System

Posted on December 13, 2015 · Posted in

The market for renewable energy generation, especially solar power, will only help reduce our dependent  on fossil fuels (petrol , diesel ,etc…), and cut global CO2 emissions (Greenhouse effect). Thus, connecting the output of thousands of discrete solar systems to the grid entails overcoming a number of technical challenges. Not least is the fact that most renewable energy-generation sources, such as sun and wind, are intermittent.

  • Auto Restart
  • Auto bypass
  •  High efficiency – green inverter         inverter
  • Easy to install and use
  • Monitoring available optional
  • Generator Compatibility
  • Battery Charging through both solar and Grid
  • Intelligent Hybrid Charge controller



1 Provisions IP55 Rated Cable Glands provided at Bottom for Cable Entry & Exit (PG29X04 Nos.)
Grounding Point 01 on each side provided to receive site grounding
2 Cooling Cabinet has a forced air cooling arrangement.Air EXIT is from Top (FORCED Cooling)
3 Temperature Management thermostat (Cooling Type) for fan on/off control
4 Protection 4A Fuse for over current protection for Fan circuitOne internal COPPER Earthing Bus bar Nickel Plated (3X20) with 8 x M6 tapped holes
5 Finish Pre – Treatment – 1 Coat, Pure Polyester Powder Coat – 1 Coat, Cool