RF Engineering.

RF Engineering

Radio Network planning and optimization

RF network design using state of-the-art design tools such as PlaNET, Asset, TEMS Cell Planner, Odyssey, Pathloss, Wizard, and also developed required software tools, to ensure that design criteria and performance specifications meet the objectives of the customer

  • Radio design, planning and Optimization tools selection
  • Macro/Micro radio network design and planning
  • Link Budget Calculations
  • Planning tool propagation model calibration
  • BTS/BSC site survey, selection & nomination
  • Propagation model calibration

RF Drivetest and Competitive Benchmark Optimization

MERIT has expertise on various optimization test scenarios in any GSM, GPRS/EDGE, UMTS/HSPDA, CDMA 1xRTT/EvDO, Wi-Fi and WiMax networks.

  • Continuous Wave (CW) drive testingRF
  • Single network drive test
  • Cluster Optimization drive testing
  • Site Verification/Cell Shakedown drive test
  • KPI/Final Acceptance drive test
  • Competitive benchmarking (up to 7 networks dual technology) drive test
  • Data Post-Processing and Analysis
  • Frequency return
  • Network Parameter optimization

RF Physical Optimization and Site audits

  • Checking all antennas at each location
  • Checking all cables and connections for weathering and tightness
  • Checking & Adjusting azimuth, center line, down tilt (electrical and mechanical) Antenna
  • Center line and coordinates.
  • Verifying that the RF implementation matches the RF Design Sheet.
  • Modifying RF Data sheets with correct coordinates and antenna centerline
  • Readjusting down tilts if incorrect.