Transmission Engineering.

TSSTransmission Engineering

Transmission Access Network Planning and implementation

  • Site design, surveys and selection
  • Microwave interference analysis and frequency planning
  • Determining Antenna positions and Orientation
  • Determine Line of Site (LOS) using advance Software tools
  • Path Loss Calculations, Path Profile etc.
  • Deploying; ATM network, upgraded radios, nodes etc.
  • Microwave link design and link budget analysis.
  • Capacity planning and upgrades
  • Microwave radio Installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Bit Error Rate Testing

Fiber Optic Transmission (Installation, Testing and Maintenance)

  • New build fibre optic cable installation.
  • New build cable splicing and testing: single mode and ribbon splicing.TSS1
  • Cable blowing by means of Pirelli Sirocco.
  • Internal back bone installation: -multimode and single mode.
  • Fibre optic polishing.
  • Installation on hub/node sites.
  • Terminating & splicing of fiber optic cables
  • Commissioning of fiber optic link
  • Fibre optic network maintenance services (fault check & diagnosis)
  • Repair and testing of Fibre Optic cables on railways, highways and in buildings.
  • Install patch panels/patch cords and reset or replace cards in transmission systems.
  • Stand-by engineers who are fully trained and experienced
  • Preventive & Corrective Maintenance

Transmission Network Optimization and Site Audits

  • Antenna Alignment to desired Azimuth, Center Line, Tilt angles etc.
  • Transmission Parameter check
  • Transmission accessories check and measurements

VSAT TransmissionVSAT

  • Site surveyService Provider liaising
  • Civil Work
  • Installation and commissioning